Best Other Crypto Earning 2021

Here I have a list of the best other crypto earning of 2021 that are hard to put in a single category. Here youll find multiple services that can provide you with ways of earning free cryptocurrencies in 2021

Best Other Crypto Earning 2021 Lbry
LBRY, Is a decentralised video streaming platform like youtube but then on the blockchain. On this platform you can earn rewards for viewing videos,   Show Moreyoull earn their own token LBC. Here is my official channel for more earning information in video format Link, Link
Best Other Crypto Earning 2021 nexo
Nexo, Is a cryptolending platform. You can store your crypto here to get interest on it daily as the platform lends it for you. This service exists since 2017 Link
Best Other Crypto Earning 2021 the panda
The Panda, Watch videos and earn crypto. Keep the tab open while watching videos and earn crypto passively. Link
Best Other Crypto Earning 2021 radioearn
RadioEarn, Listen to radio in a browser and earn point which you can convert to currency. Can mute radio while its on and earn without listening. Link
Best Other Crypto Earning 2021 brave browser
Brave, the best browser to keep you internet sessions private. Brave browser is build to keep you save from any form of privacy intrusion and has Show Morethe abillity to block all advertisements. And you can also set it up to display ads which you can earn BAT tokens from. Link
Best Crypto Wallets of 2021 coinbase
Coinbase, is a exchange where you can store your crypto and also buy or sell for fiat. Coinbase has its own program to teach people to learn about new Link

Publish0x, is a website where people can publish and read articles about anything, and earn rewards for it. Simply signup and start reading and get rewarded every 10 minutes. Rewards are paid out in Ethereum, Loopring tokens or Ampleforth, Link
Stakecube, a platform where you can deposit staking crypto’s which you will earn staking rewards on by adding it to their staking pool. This is usefull for coins that require a minimal amount to stake, with pools you can just join without having the minimum. You also gain interest on other non staking crypto’s, supports a lot of different coins. Link


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