Best earning Games of 2021

(Updated 02.2021)

Here I have a collection of the best earning games of 2021. There are gamified faucets, games on the blockchain, nft games and more. Other earning categories are likely more adviced to maximise earning. But to switch up with a game to earn instead of a boring faucet is a welcoming gift.

What are earning Games?

Earning games are games that have ways to earn rewards (in this case crypto) for the player. This is done by gamifying the viewing of ads and other ways to earn rewards. People got more and more creative overtime and different games arose. There are also Dapp (Decentralised Application) games these mostly create gameitems bound to a blockchain called nft. These games create their whole own market with ingame items which could get very high in price.

Womplay, Functions as a EOS wallet with its own earning system, play games connected to womplay earn wombucks. Put you wombucks in weekly reward pool and earn EOS. Link

Cryptopick, play the hourly, dailly, weekly or monthly crypto price guessing games. And earn ethereum upon entering tournements, also nfts can be won. Link

Gala Games, a blockchain specificly made for gaming. Currently has 1 game town start a farm sim with a competetive reward pool. Top players win gala and nfts, further on there is a referral program, and more games coming in the future. Link

Waxtycoon, is a simple nonsensical autoclicker game, its based on the wax blockchain so youll need a wax wallet. No guaranteed earnings but top players win some wax. Link

League of Kingdoms, A mobile(also pc) townbuilding and strategy game like lords of mobile but with lands bound to blockchain and resources can be turned into nft’s and sold on ethereum markets. Link

Nine Chronicles, is a game fully decentralised running on its own blockchain, and is fully mined by the players and every action happens on the blockchain. Its currency for now is not exchangeable in order to create a healthy game market, in the future you might be able to sell/exchange your currency. Link

Alien worlds, is another game on WAX blockchain and uses NFT’s to play. You simply mine on alien worlds and gain currency and chance for NFT’s, these can be sold and exchanged. Get better NFT’s to increase your progress. Link

R-planet, not really a game but can be uses togheter with other games that run on the WAX blockchain and have NFT’s, like Alien Worlds. On R-planet you can stake WAX NFT’s that have a partnership with R-planet. You gain currency for staked NFT’s and soon this will gain a use and you will be able to craft unique NFT’s on this platform. Link


Best earning Games of 2021 rollercoin

Rollercoin, Play minigames to earn mining power, mine crypto with your earned mining power and buy upgrades to mine even more. Can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Link

Best earning Games of 2021 cryptomininggame

CryptoMiningGame, A simulated mining game act like a gamified faucet. Complete tasks to gain more mining power. Link

Best earning Games of 2021 blockchain cuties

Blockchain Cuties, Dapp game based on the Tron network. Gather cute beasts, bread them, send them on missions, gather items. And sell cuties or items in the market. Link

Best earning Games of 2021 upland

Upland, Gather properties in upland which later on can be sold for real money. Gain ingame income from properties you own and build up as much as you can. Link

Earning Categories